Monday, April 5, 2010

A Great New Blog and a Tribute to Jane Orcutt

I found a wonderful blog today, through the White Rose Press (one of my favorites groups on Yahoo). Jenny (the owner), is a self-described "Aussie who loves Cricket and reading". She reviews books of different genres and invites guest authors to blog with her. Her link is

I found at least three new books to add to my "READ ME" list! (As if that list wasn't already LONG enough!) These genres of these new MUST-READ books range from Women's Fiction, to Historical (Regency) Romance, to Non-Fiction, and deal with subjects as diverse as their genres. Thanks to Jenny for broadening my reading horizons even more!

Jenny has some tantalizing reviews on the books that I have listed below, and videos and podcasts to make them all the more desirable. Please visit her blog to see and learn more, since I have given FLASH reviews below!  Her link is

The bittersweet link on the blog is for the author Jane Orcutt. I have posted the same link (to Jane's website) below, and will have it on my sidebar when this post is no longer new. Jane died in 2007, but I am certain that her followers and new readers - such as I - will continue to miss her for years to come.

At the Top of my list of MODERN Women's Fiction (at least for today) is the new release by Melody Carlson, As Young As We Feel. I can certainly relate to these ladies, and trying to redesign oneself in the autumn of one's life! The link takes you to Melody's blog, and an exerpt of Chapter One is available for your reading pleasure.

At the Top of my list of Non-Fiction Books about Healing is the book by Cecil Murphey and Liz Allison (widow of Davey Allison), Words of Comfort for Times of Loss. This link takes you to Jenny's fabulous review of the book, and background about the authors. I have lost two grandparents in less than six months, and words such as these are very welcome at this time.

And now, Last, but certainly not Least...since I had to give plenty of room to the beautiful slideshow provided by the publishers...At the Top of my list of Historical Fiction, is the final book by Jane Orcutt, All the Tea in China. I learned about her books, and her untimely death, when I visited the link to her website. The link has many treats for those who visit: Just two treats are an exerpt, and a wonderful video trailer about Jane's last book, All the Tea in China.

All The Tea In China, A Regency Romance by Jane Orcutt

Happy Reading to all!